How A Small Business Became One Of The Biggest (A True Story)

A local energy sector service provider approached PRFC for guidance on a matter.

They were not being considered for jobs offered by multinationals, as they could not meet international insurance requirements. On review, It quickly became apparent that their existing programme was limited in its scope, and far more expensive in comparison to what was readily available from their competitors.

They had all the intel, drive and equipment needed to succeed, however their business was being held back by a restrictive insurance programme. Our solution improved their scope of cover, increased the values protected and ensured future scalability, all at a dramatically better value.

Operating at full potential, they could finally access large and more technical jobs, substantially increasing their revenue. Our improvements to their Risk Management programme facilitated their continued success, which in turn allowed them to scale their operations significantly, and the company has grown to be a serious competitor to the multinationals in their field.


With the right support and guidance, your business can scale up in all the right ways: PRFC's Bespoke Broking can help your company prosper.