Enterprise Risk Management is the Big Picture

Think of Enterprise Risk Management as your Company’s Feature Film


People often ask us about Enterprise Risk Management. To help visualise it, think of Enterprise Risk Management as the big, holistic, macro view of the world, in this case, the world of your business.

In this business world there are forces at play that include plot twists and cliffhangers, with threats and opportunities not too far away. Subsets of the ERM ecosystem include risk assessments, insurance and business continuity planning, all comprising smaller ecosystems. 

ERM allows a considered view of risks and encourages a proactive approach to managing uncertainties. It enables organizations to optimize opportunities, allow for informed risk-taking, to reduce their insurance spend, and to enhance their decision-making, thus creating a more resilient and adaptable business 

As Risk Management professionals, PRFC can help you identify and cover all of the subplots so you get the big picture of Enterprise Risk Management, (and make sure your business is a blockbuster!).