Conventional commerical Insurance contracts at their core are contractual transfers for Risk Financing, and whilst they are often cost-effective, these are just one piece of the puzzle in managing your risk exposures. With fully-qualified in-house staff, and long-standing relationships with specialist surveyors and other service providers, PRFC offers a full Risk Management consultancy service, allowing for a detailed and independent assessment of even the most specifc loss exposures. Using the gathered data and our generations of experience, we then design and implement measures to reduce expected loss frequency and severity long before losses actually occur.


We are also able to assist in the development of cohesive cross-territory RM strategies for companies operating in several markets, closing gaps and ensuring the maximum long-term value of your programme is attained.

PRFC can offer:


  • The high quality identification and analysis of risk exposures
  • A considered approach to the most effective Risk Management options
  • Development of sound, proven Risk Management strategies
  • Continued fine-tuning of your program to keep up with your evolving business
  • Objective audits of existing programmes, supporting your Corporate Governance best bractices
  • Access to award-winning tools to aid in objective assessments of Cyber, Crisis Planning and Management, Business Continuity, Motor Fleet and other Risks