PRFC’s is a proprietary simulation platform that can be used in a number of ways to emulate a controlled live crisis event so that your users can better understand, experience, and rehearse their assigned roles. Whether working as a ‘digital wrap’ to physical exercises or on a standalone basis, provides a secure online environment that is populated by a large number of curated and customised inputs that provide a realistic and effective high-fidelity tool to aid teams in experiencing training for:


  • Crisis Management to engender situational awareness and inform effective strategy development
  • Business Continuity following cyber-attacks, natural disasters, product recalls and other critical events
  • Crisis Communications practice and management
  • Information Operations for digital environments


Exposing your team to first-hand and lifelike crisis simulation exercises is a key tool to effective crisis management, and is the solution that provides a truly private, scalable and customizable readiness & training environment.


Please reach out if you would like to have a private chat about how can help your organisation dramatically improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of its response to a crisis event and to improve its business resilience.